Privacy Policy

Privacy: The Fort Wayne Metropolitan Human Relations Commission is committed to and respects the privacy of its Web site users. Our goal is to provide you with a Web site that gives a personalized Internet experience, and that delivers information, resources, and services that are relevant and helpful.

To achieve our goal, the City of Fort Wayne sometimes collects information through our Web site to better serve you and your interests. Any information we collect is used for internal purposes only. The City of Fort Wayne does not share your information with anyone unless the law requires it.

Security: Because of the nature of the Internet, information transmitted by this Web site may be intercepted by a third party. In addition, when you leave our site to visit another site, your information can be collected and used by others. However, The City of Fort Wayne uses Secure Socket Layer encryption when collecting bank account and credit card information and does not store any such financial information. Additionally, any potentially sensitive information stored in a database is MD5 encrypted. Internet users should always be cautious when providing such information on the web, but you can be assured that when you use City of Fort Wayne online services, we take the utmost care to protect your personal information.