How do I file a complaint?

A complaint must be filed with the Commission either by personal delivery or by mail. Commission staff shall provide necessary assistance in drafting and filing a complaint, including providing reasonable accommodation to persons with disabilities who make such requests. Even absent such requests, the Commission strives, to the greatest extent feasible, to make its process accessible to persons with disabilities in conformance with all known disabilities rights laws.

The Commission or their staffs does not usually initiate complaints except as provided for by City Ordinance and Commission Rules and Regulations. All complaints must be timely filed and must meet minimum legal standards before they are accepted by Metro.

To begin the complaint process, you must first fill out an intake information sheet. You may download a form or fill out a form from this website (Pre-Interview Information Form) or you may come to our office to complete one in person. Your intake information sheet will be assigned to a member of the Commission staff who will then conduct an intake interview.

The purpose of the intake interview is for the Commission to get information about the alleged discriminatory act(s). Once the relevant information is gathered from you, staff will draft a formal complaint of discrimination. This complaint will then be sent to the respondent for their response.

Important things to note:

  • The Commission staff acts as a neutral third party during all phases of the investigation.
  • This is an administrative process and by filing a complaint of discrimination, you are not filing a lawsuit.
  • You may hire an attorney to represent you; however, it is not required.
  • The Commission staff will not recommend attorneys nor will they render any advice (legal or otherwise).