The Commission will be holding two separate sessions for this event. One session will take place on September 14th and the second session will take place on September 21st. Please be sure to register for the session that best fits your schedule.
A morning of impactful conversations about the effects of racism and navigating racism in the workplace.

About this Event

With racial and discriminatory tensions heightened all over the country, Fort Wayne is creating a safe space to help address some of the issues unfolding right here in our community. The Fort Wayne Metropolitan Human Relations Commission presents: Trauma of Racism with Janell & Aaron Lane of Courageous Living LLC on Monday, September 14th and September 21st, 9am - 11am.

Training Description:

“The Trauma of Racism”

This session covers the mental, emotional, and physical cost of racism experienced by marginalized groups, including microaggression, prolonged stress response, navigating racism in the workplace, etc. This event is FREE and face masks are required. Reserve your seat, max of 25 attendees per session.

Janell Lane, Co-founded Courageous Living, LLC, where she has gained extensive experience in providing community outreach, diversity training, workshops, mediations, trauma & family interventions, and professional development in a variety of areas, including Restorative Interventions.
Aaron Lane, Co-founded Courageous Living, LLC, a for-profit consulting company, where he has spent the last 6 years doing motivational speaking, consulting, and program development.


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